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Dissemination of scientific information about aquariums


This section includes scientific articles written by José María Cid Ruiz, expert in aquariums, who has written them exclusively for Fitoplancton Marino SL.


These articles are focused on bringing the aquarist closer to the science behind the extensive world of aquariums.


Fitoplancton Marino SL has read a wealth of scientific articles published in prestigious journals and puts them at the disposal of the reader, providing relevant information about the research work that is the foundation for the development of our products.



Gobiodon citrons, one of the “coral gobies” most populars

Text and Photo: José María Cid Ruiz.


The genus Gobiodon (Perciformes, Gobiidae), comprised 31 specices of small gobies distributed over wide tropical areas of the Indian and Pacific oceans.


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The importance of phytoplankton for feeding corals

Text and Photo: José María Cid Ruiz.


The whole of tropical coral species usually marketed and kept in aquarium, are taxonomically concentrated in a small number of orders...


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Clown fish and the initial diet of its larvae

Text and Photo: José María Cid Ruiz

Clown fish (genus Amphiprion), are probably the most popular tropical marine fish among species kept in captivity, both at public aquariums as private.


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Cyanobacteria, little-known but common in aquarium

Text and Photo: José María Cid Ruiz

When it was discovered the distinction between prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic, it was found that the living organisms currently called "cyanobacteria" were not true algae.


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Pterapogon kauderni, a unique species

Text and Photo: José María Cid Ruiz

Pterapogon kauderni is a good paradigm about how ornamental fish farming could have a positive impact on the survival of certain endangered species, offering to the market of aquarium fishes, specimens born in captivity which would alleviate pressure on the wild populations.


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About the author

  • José María Cid Ruiz (Guadalajara,1956).
  • José María Cid Ruiz (Guadalajara, Spain, 1956) has dedicated more than forty years to experimental aquarium keeping and has developed and experimented with different maintenance and reproductive techniques with a wide variety of fish and invertebrates in sweet water, salt water and marine aquariums.

  • He is a member of various national and international aquarist associations and has written an important collection of informative articles published in specialised journals. He gives conferences to various associations of aquarists and public and private exhibition centres.