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Freez-Dried Microalgae. FAQ (Easyreefs)




Do corals feed off phytoplankton?

Not many coral species feed directly off of phytoplankton, however all coral species feed indirectly off of it.



It is necessary to use a blender to resuspend this product?

Yes, it is essential.
Lyophilisation or freeze-drying is an almost perfect method of conservation, but the inconvenience is the agglomeration of microalgae cells. In order to separate them and allow them to rehydrate correctly, they must be vigorously shaken.



Can we prepare more Easy reefs than we need and use it later?

The best way to conserve the quantity you will not be using immediately is to freeze it after resuspension.
An easy way to prepare and store it is to resuspend the quantity of phytoplankton that is going to be used in one month and then freeze it in ice cube bags. These can then be used as a daily dose.



How long can it stored frozen?

According to our analyses, we have not found significant oxidation of vitamin E after a period of 5 weeks subjected to freezing at -18ºC and no contact with external air.
As a precaution, we recommend you don’t prepare more product than what will be used 4 weeks after resuspension.



At what moment in the photoperiod should the phytoplankton be added?

We recommend spacing out the doses, ideally two hours after the lights are turned on and one hour after the lights have been turned off.
If you will only be dosing once a day, you should do it one hour after the lights have been turned off.


Should the skimmer be turned off when adding Easy reefs?

No, it is not necessary.

Freeze-dried phytoplankton alters the surface tension of the water making the skimming stop or reducing its efficiency. Once the phytoplankton has been ingested, skimming returns to normal.


How long does the vial last once it has been opened?

Approximately 4 moths if the vial is opened each day to prepare the resuspension.



Is there any way to lengthen conservation once it has been opened?

The best way is to open the vial as little as possible. You can achieve this by using the ice cube method. This way, the vial need only be opened once a month and will be protected from contact with humidity. You can also store the vial in the refrigerator, although you must make sure that the vial reaches room temperature before opening, so water does not condense inside.



Can I pour resuspended Easy reefs directly on a coral?

Yes. As long as the product has been previously resuspended using aquarium water.



Are Easy reefs corals and Easybooster used for the same purpose?

Yes, both products have been developed to be used as feed for the base of the aquarium’s food chain.



Are there any advantages to using Easy reefs corals instead of Easybooster?

Yes. Easy reef corals allows us to design feed complemented with microalgae if we need to formulate a custom-tailored diet for our animals.
Easybooster cannot be used as a component if it is not previously diluted.



Which of the two products contains more phytoplankton?

One bag of Easybooster prof contains the same amount of microalgae as two Easy reefs corals vials. The ratio between the number of cells and cost of the product is the same.