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Freez-Dried Microalgae: For artemia and other crustaceans





The species easy reefs ®  Tetraselmis (100%) is used.


The dosage will depend on the number of artemia that we want to feed.

The consumption is of 100 mg of easy reefs ® per 10 litres of culture per day for the first 5 days,  (nauplius y metanauplius) and 200 mg of easy reefs ® per 10 litres of culture per day from day 5 of culture (juvenile artemia and adult).

If after a few hours from adding easy reefs ® the water of the artemia culture goes clear (microalgae have been ingested), then more easy reefs ® must be added.

Example for a artemia culture in 10 litres (keep with gentle bubbling):
1st. -Hatch the artemia cyst following the manufacturer directions.
2nd.-Once they have hatched start feeding with easy reefs®               
3rd.- Put in the glass blender 0.5 litres of sea water.
4th.- Add 100 mg easy reefs ®  (1 level spoonful) and follow the resuspension instructions.
5th.- Remove 0.5 L of water from the artemia culture so the prepared microalgae will fit in the tank.

6th.- Slowly add the resuspended microalgae to the tank to avoid the sediment suspension.


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